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Dangers and Causes of Fluid Brownish On Vagina

Danger Liquid Brownish On Vagina - When the vaginal area appears fluid undue out is this fluid will be referred to as vaginal discharge. Whitish itself is actually a natural thing experienced by women of all ages but it is whitish have certain colors on each - each of whitish color has a different meaning - different.

Cause Liquid Brownish On Vagina - Let's say that whiteness has a brown color. Be it the color of light brown or dark brown color given actually obat aborsi has a certain mark on the body condition of the person who experienced it. Whitish itself also plays an important role for the female reproductive system as in the disposal process fluid produced by glands in the cervix and vagina. Later this fluid will carry the bacteria and dead cells that can help prevent infection and can keep the vagina clean. Then the real danger or not whitish brown and what causes it? Let us examine in detail the information below!

Brownish Liquid Hazard Information On Vagina And Causes

Dangers and Causes of Fluid Brownish On Vagina

For those of you who experienced the emergence of brown fluid in the vagina, a whitish brown, usually occurs when the end of a woman's period or can also occur during pregnancy and sometimes become a cause of miscarriage. If your discharge is odorless and is not accompanied by itching that bothers whitish vaginal area then your chocolate is still a safe and normal vaginal discharge.

There are several aspects that can make the white chocolate in women apart because of menstruation or in pregnancy include:

Bleeding caused by implantation of the fetus
Danger Liquid Brownish On Vagina - whitish brown can be caused by the process of implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterine wall woman. And white chocolate can sometimes change color to pink or brown which is an early sign of pregnancy. Whitish is present in approximately 14 days and is normal in women.

atrophic vaginitis
Cause Liquid Brownish On Vagina - a condition which is a period of vaginal discharge in women which occurs due to the shortage of female hormone estrogen. In atrophic vaginitis vagina also will undergo an inflammatory condition that occurs as a result of destruction of muscle tissue in the vagina and also the production of liquid lubrication that will begin to decline.

And if you run into problems whitish brown with atrophic vaginitis condition you may feel pain when you have intercourse. Even your vagina will feel dry and continue the tenderness you feel. You need to see a doctor when feeling the jual obat aborsi symptoms of such.

Hopefully the above information we provide to you about the Dangers Liquid Brownish In Vagina And Causes Fluid On Vagina Brownish helpful. And may be the best information for you.